District 10 Committees


Group chronicler chair in District 10, meets the first Thursday of every month at 6 pm before the district meeting at 6:30 pm.


The purpose of a corrections committee is to coordinate the work of individual A.A. members and groups who are interested in carrying our message of recovery to incarcerated alcoholics.

Cooperation with the Professional Community

Alcoholics Anonymous has many A.A. members and service committees who are available to provide professionals with information about Alcoholics Anonymous. A.A. has a long history of cooperating but not affiliating with outside organizations and being available to provide A.A. meetings or information about A.A. upon request. A.A. communicates with professionals such as doctors or other health care professionals, members of the clergy, law enforcement or court officials, educators, social workers, alcoholism counsellors, therapists, or others who deal with problem drinkers in the course of their work.


CPC Stated Purpose

Members of CPC committees inform professionals and future professionals about A.A. - what we are, where we are, what we can do, and what we cannot do.  They attempt to establish better communication between A.A.'s and professionals and to find simple, effective ways of cooperating without affiliating.









Public Information

Please send questions or contributions to:

District 10

P.O. Box 15346

Lenexa, KS 66285-5436